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Our Story

The Pathfinder Youth Organization (PYO) is the realization of a dream that Dave Canterbury had, to give underprivileged young people the opportunity to learn the wilderness self-reliance skills offered at the Pathfinder School, LLC. The first sustained group was started in Cecil County Maryland by Allen Tharp. Allen gathered a group of eager kids and began to teach them the basics of survival and wilderness self-reliance. Dan Moore, with the encouragement from Allen, started his own group in North Carolina. Then Ken Seal started a group in South Carolina and Joe Kellam began a group in Michigan. These men, along with Bill Sigler, were charged with building an organization to provide the necessary structure for such an endeavor. Through their efforts a PYO curriculum and mentoring program was implemented. In 2010 PYO organized as a nonprofit organization, which became the National Pathfinder Youth Organization based in Pennsylvaina. Upon the resignation of Bill Sigler in 2011 the organization underwent some leadership changes and was re-organized in the state of Indiana where the home office of NPYO is now located.

The NYPO exists to give underprivileged young people the opportunity to learn outdoor self-reliance skills and about keeping our heritage alive. The NPYO is organized as a nonprofit charity, having a Board of Directors and officers and is run solely by volunteers.  There is no cost to the children or their families that wish to participate.  NPYO depends on community support and donations to make its mission a reality.

While the NPYO emphasizes on reaching out to underprivileged youth, it is not exclusive, anyone may participate. NPYO provides a curriculum and equipment that are designed to support the children on their journey towards outdoor self-reliance and a better understanding of the natural world around them.

Our Board of Directors
Sonja Canterbury, President
Tony Daniel, Vice President
Matt Giddings, Field Service Operations Manager
Iris Canterbury, Secretary
Brian Hopkins, Treasurer
David Canterbury
Allen Tharp
Joe Kellam
Chuck Sammons
Ken Seal

NPYO is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt organization as described in Section 170 of the Code.
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